My Favorite Stress Management

Forest Bathing Walks

Forest Bathing or Shinrin Yoku

In 2018, after I experienced burn-out with anxiety attacks, I started researching techniques to manage stress. I came across Forest Bathing, also called Shinrin Yoku. I enrolled for a course with a Canadian school and got certified as a Shinrin Yoku guide.

Forest bathing, or Shinrin Yoku in Japanese, means to soak in the atmosphere of a forest with all five senses. It is a mindfulness activity which lowers your heart rate, your pulse, improves immune function, mental health and creativity. It even has an antimicrobial effect through the phytoncides given off by trees.

Healing Forest has a wonderful free website for young and old, with lots of ideas on how to find peace, purpose and health through connecting with nature.

Would you like to join me for a Forest Bathing walk?


Insight Timer

There are so many ways to meditate. Find one that works for you.

I enjoy listening to meditations on the free App called Insight Timer while laying on my Shakti Mat for 20 minutes before getting up.

I also listen to their calming bedtime stories, if I experience a restless night.

You will find thousands of meditations, prayers, stories, sounds and courses, all helping with sleep, anxiety and stress.