My Favorite Ways to Exercise

Nature Walks

Spring Colours

Every spring, for just a few weeks, Huka, Moss and I get to lay amongst a burst of brightly coloured flowers.

Magical Forest


My horses Magic and Dawn taking me for a sunset walk through a nearby pine plantation.

Summer Treat

My dogs Moss and Huka taking me for a swim in a cool forest stream. 


For many years I have been enjoying Yoga at home. This works for me, as I do not live near a town. I enjoy doing gentle Yoga first thing in the morning to wake up my muscles and joints or before going to bed to wind down and stretch. My two favourite YouTube Yoga channels are Yoga with Adriene and Yoga with Kassandra.


By now you probably know that I love spending time in nature. The benefits of maintaining muscle and bone health through weight exercises is well known. Calisthenics combines my love for being in nature and weight exercise. No equipment is required as we use our own bodies as the weight. Hampton from Hybrid Calisthenics was my introduction to Calisthenics. He offers free content for all age groups!