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The Cornerstones of Health

Our bodies are made up of millions of small cells. Each cell has a blueprint and knows exactly how to function and repair itself when it gets damaged. From a cut on our finger to inflammation in our joints, it is up to us to supply our amazing body with the right tools to restore and repair itself.

Whole foods that are plant-based combined with our favourite exercise, and a few other lifestyle choices are the recipe to vibrant, long-lasting health.

Possible side effects: Drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ongoing animal welfare issues.

Let's go on an adventure and rediscover what vibrant health and joy feels like. 

You choose the speed and Plantise your World offers you the tools for the treasure hunt.


Press Coverage & Student Responses

"A lifelong awareness around food, has led Katarina Tawiri to take a bold step"

Wholefood Living

"Thank you Katarina for the opportunity to learn from you. Your knowledge is obviously extensive and your teaching fantastic!!"

Monique, Christchurch 

"Thank you so much for all your energy! Power Plate is to be integrated into my foraging workshops."

Inga, New Brighton